Focus Feedback

How does it work
  • Available in 31 countries
  • Already more than 2 million NPS-invitations sent

From (dis) satisfied customers to enthusiastic customers. You will get more of this every time you optimize the customer experience. This starts with knowing what the customer really thinks and that is the power of Focus Feedback: We measure customer loyalty so that you get direct insight into areas of improvement and what this means for your business operations. We use the NPS® methodology to measure this. The result of Focus Feedback is in a well-structured dashboard that enables you to start immediately. We know for sure that responding to the real needs of your customers with your business operations will result in enthusiastic customers. And they will recommend you to others!

Focus Feedback in four steps

Benefits of Focus Feedback


You have real-time visibility of customers’ answers.


The data of your customers is safe, in accordance with strict safety regulations.


International customers? No problem. We make sure every customer receives the questionnaire in the correct language.