Enthusiastic customers who will be happy to recommend you!

With Focus Feedback you measure and increase customer loyalty

  • Available in 31 countries
  • Already more than 2 million NPS - invitations sent

Focus Feedback

Measure what the customer really thinks. That's the power of Focus Feedback. We measure customer loyalty so you have a direct insight into which areas of your organisation, service or product can be improved.
We use the NPS® methodology to measure this. The result is an easy to use dashboard that enables you to start immediately. Meet the real needs of your customer with your business operations
and you will get enthusiastic customers who recommend you to others.


How Focus Feedback works

1. | Measuring

What do you want to know about your customers? The more specific the focus, the better your results. When you pose the right NPS® question to each customer group, we ensure that these will get to them at the right time.

2. | Knowing

We analyse your customers’ answers. The result will be the NPS® for your organization. This will give you insight into the improvement points for your organization, product or service.

3. | Follow up

A response from your customer may require you to contact them. There could be both a positive or a negative reason for this. For example, a customer who may wish to express appreciation for the kindness of your mechanic.

4. | Improving

With these results you are ready to carry out improvements: turning (dis) satisfied customers to enthusiastic customers. Once you really know what your customer wants, you can tailor your business operations to their needs.

This is how the Net Promoter Score® works.

The NPS® enables you to measure the customer loyalty to your brand. Based on the results, you create strategic choices to make your customers more loyal.